The Power Suit

by richinlovefashion

Suit – The Limited (c/o) Tank – Banana Republic  Necklace – Vintage Tote – The Limited  Heels – Schutz  

The traditional two-piece suit has become a well-suited wardrobe staple, dating back to its debut in the early 1970’s. Perhaps it’s due to a well-tailored blazer along with a matching pant or skirt, the Power Suit has become a uniform of the days working woman. John T. Molly brought the public a new phrase, “Power Dressing” which was highlighted in his book “Dress for Success”. One may assume a masculine silhouette would attract or even perhaps, demand authority in a man’s world.

The Power Suit can be seen as an investment, with its minimalist appearance featuring the traditional color scheme of black, gray, navy and beige. Today’s suit conveys a message of confidence as most designers in the early 1990’s felt it was time to move forward. Beginning this transition shoulders pads were gradually reduced in size, while jackets grew smaller towards the end the decade. In the year 2000, this ill-fitting period in fashion was also known as the “shrunken” blazer era. A victim to this trend, I must admit that today’s suit conveys confidence – “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” 

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