Celebrating the Holiday Season with Vintage Flair | Lifestyles Magazine

Stemming from early childhood (approximately from the age of 8), I believed I was destined to do something extraordinary, as the universe has put me here to create words along with fashion that would inspire others. I had always yearned to do something at a creative level that would combine literature along with my developing attraction of an era gone by. I’ve taken a growing attraction to the publishing industry allowing it to flourish through each assignment I take part in. Visually sounded, I begin the process as if I were Kim Cattrall’s character Emmy, from the movie ‘Mannequin’, styling each garment solely. Reusing, repurposing and reinventing I seek methods that will transport a modern day sense of style to an era of timeless grace utilizing textures, fabrics and accessories.For my holiday debut in Lifestyle Magazine, I wanted to offer viewers modern day garments from an array for reachable retailers (The Limited, Dolce Vita and Banana Republic). With the merging of subtle vintage touches such as gold plated ornaments, fur textures, beaded jewels to historic architecture and antique heirlooms, the past defined such strength displaying elegance and grace.
With a vision of a sleek 1940s glamorous persona, highlighted by my Veronica Lake-inspired side-swept hairstyle which frame my European features, together they lay contrasted to the rustic landscape. When it came to Lifestyles Magazine the usage of natural light, composition and significance played a key role while being surrounded by the morning sun rise on-location. Even after more than a decade, uncertain of what the future could potentially have in store for me I held on to the belief that it would occur one day. With the grand opportunity to Model and Write as a Style Editor for an award-winning San Joaquin Media Group specialty publication, San Joaquin Lifestyles, that day is now. With each issue delivering an effective message of local content to a vast demographic, from online to print which includes San Joaquin Lifestyles, San Joaquin Woman, Valley Home Finder, The Records Best of and Going Green. The San Joaquin Media Group, founded in 1895 as The Stockton Evening Record, has become a vital source of news to the surrounding areas of Stockton, Lodi & San Joaquin.I had sought after taking two generations of muses, which were my greatest influence of vintage flair bringing homage to their keen sense of style. With the sophistication of diamonds, to a mink coat containing such warmth, in combination of a historic landmark which defines such strength, the blessing of having this opportunity to entwine an era that is best described as timeless. “Appreciation is a wonderful thing,” Voltaire said. “It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

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View this month’s San Joaquin Lifestyles fashion feature and celebrate the holidays with vintage flair.

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