Bitter Root Vintage | Sapphire Lace

1-26 LS1 1-26 Full 1 1-26 LS2Blue Sapphire Lace Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage  Greenlawn New York Vintage Velvet Party Hat  Garne Blue Rhinestone Earrings (similar here)  ‘Doris’ Clutch  Satin Velvet Bow Gloves (similar here) Kate Spade D Orsay Pumps 

Vintage dresses possess such an elegant alluring image inspiring one to relive such an era of sophistication with the utmost grace. Finding a practical vintage-inspired dress for an upcoming social event or dinner for two, may present itself as a task until now. Bitter Root Vintage, founded in 2011 curates to a complete collection of women’s vintage-inspired dresses and accessories. I find there extended collection of dresses from an array of designer labels Tatyana, Lindy Bop & Lady Vintage to be appealing.

The sapphire, a gemstone known as the “blue stone” presented by such royalty throughout the ages as it symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness. Bitter Root Vintage presents an exquisite 50’s inspired sapphire hourglass lace wiggle dress which combines this royal hue with a subtle touch of black faux fur trim in addition to a delicate overlay of black floral lace. Featuring a design displaying a glamorous v-shaped backline, which attracts a watchful eye. The wiggle dress or as many refer to as a pencil or pinup dress designed to flatter the wearer accentuating ones curves, gifting a flattering presence of Hollywood’s golden years. With a hem that is narrower than the hips which in return creates a ‘wiggle’ noticeable while walking.DetailsWith the unlacing of a blue, satin ribbon which held the beauty of lace and faux fur seamlessly collected. With delicate hands I begin to slowly remove the horizontal taupe Merci note card to view a sincere yet private message. Setting the conservative styled stationery to the side an uncontrollable smile arose from the corner of my ruby red lips, while unwrapping of what can only be described as exquisite beauty.  Quickly making the gesture of pressing such beauty against my presently clothed body I couldn’t resist the temptation to garnish myself with this 50’s inspired sapphire dress.

Nonchalantly I began to vary my poses as I stared steadily at my reflection in a framed brass-toned antique mirror which hangs in my walk in. A concealed zipper extends from the waist to the plush black faux fur which surrounded the entire neckline. Gravitating towards the touch of lace which delicately overlays the brocade inspired dress; I subconsciously placed my hands on my hips grasping the well-crafted design. From contemporary fabric choices that contain slight stretch, resembles an era which possesses such class and poise for todays women looking to garnish such a presence.1-26 LS3Include this 1950’s inspired sapphire lace dress to your private collection of daywear attire. With an appearance that can be seen as chic and glamourous that complements any special occasion, whether it’s for work or pleasure the style of the 1950s will never fade.
For those seeking a retro appearance that sizzles with an amplitude dosage of vintage-inspired flair, view their exclusive collection online at

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