Polishing the Past

2-16 Middle 1 2-16 Details 2-16 Full 1Banana Republic Sheath (similar here)  Vintage Velvet Rabbit Fur Box Coat (Ellen B. Harrison) Vintage Timex (Roberta Alexander, similar here)  Vintage Suede Box Handbag (Grace Niles)  Ivnaka Trump Suede Pumps

The versatility of clean-lines which seem to be larger than normal reflects a prominent message or perhaps a trend of a past era. What better way to highlight your outerwear ensemble than with an oversized persona. In the form of a broad cocoon a feminine look resides beneath, displaying a conformed silhouette accented by texture and details.

Recalling the era of the 1950’s which marked a contrast to the “New Look” developed by Christian Dior in 1947, an influential trend of the fifties conformed both femininity and sensuality. This look demanded an appearance which in return revolutionized the average woman with an oversized voice.  With the modernization of a current era, the embrace of an oversized silhouette brings shape to a minimal presence.

2-16 LS 1An iconic coat displaying such practicality and panache was known as a box coat. With a cut described as straight and wide as in the shape of a box, it generated an oversized persona. These coats typically hung open as many would wear it over the shoulder’s or shoulder robed, while a one button or eye hook closure presented a finished appearance. The box coat draped down to one’s mid hip, creating a light weight cover up for winter months or evening wear. They were often highlighted with trim made up of velvet or exotic fur. Often enough, I have recently found myself consumed by vintage rarity which rests upon my shoulders polishing each ensemble.

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