Arnold Steiner Clothing | Close to your Heart

American Living Ruffled Dress (here)  Vintage Emerald Green Earrings (similar here & here)  Vintage Fox Fur Stole (Roberta Alexander, similar here)  Vintage Brown Straw Pillowbox Hat (Old Towne Antiques Mall) Sugar Maple Paisley Pocket Square by Arnold Steiner Clothing   Charles by Charles David Pumps 

Can you think of a grander way to spend your afternoon than combing Arnold Steiner’s enriched designs? Steiner, CEO and Founder of Arnold Steiner Clothing has taken what no fashionable man left home without, the pocket square. Gaining praise in the 1900’s the men’s handkerchief has become a statement piece worth displaying. Such a traditional accessory could be presented on most any occasion.  Today’s gentlemen display such an accessory presenting elegance through texture, pattern and fabric. Steiner, a visual artist by trade launched his career in 1996 after having studied Graphic Design at The School of Visual Arts in New York City.  From his instrumental shaping within the graphic design aspect, Steiner has become one of the most diverse and sought after designers.

With a clear vision to create sophisticated men’s accessories, Steiner draws upon an adorned classic appearance which appeals to an upscale market as well as the classic gentlemen. “It all started as a child, growing up with parents who equally shared a love for fashion. My mother worked in textiles, while my father was a restaurant owner of two restaurants in Bal Harbor and was always ‘dressed to the nines’. This was the beginning of my interests in fashion,” explains Steiner. The 39-year old jazz listening, Ivy League gentleman sports a preppy attire merging his keen sense of style creating his own perspective on gentlemen’s apparel.  2-23 Full 1Steiner’s clothing collection of acute designs can be seen to carry a man’s wardrobe to new heights, which only creates a story highlighted by the craftsmanship of his product. Today, Steiner’s label has expanded from an online boutique to a network of retailers in the United States, among them Austin Burke in Miami and exclusively online at

Connecting the consumer with the un-inhibiting knowledge for what the pocket square symbolizes. Steiner carries a tagline which states, “Carry me like the ones you love, close to your heart,” which largely comes from the love one shares in their life. Steiner explains in detail, “The pocket square is placed by the heart which to me represents the core of a gentleman’s character: everything he lives by, swears by, treasures, and adores. For these reasons a pocket square is a symbol of love in many forms and should be treated just the same as the ones he or she loves.”2-23 Middle 2While Steiner’s brand approaches a demographic of males, these small square pieces of fabric may also be used as a woman’s neck scarf or loosely knotted around ones preferred purse handle, adding a subtle touch of color while altering a previous investment. Steiner encourages women to accent their wardrobe, as he clearly refers to an accessory as an article of clothing which he finds to be unisex in the world of fashion. Even though his label may be branded as a gentlemen’s brand, Steiner encourages all to wear his accessories close to the heart.


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  1. Doris is such a beautifulwoman dressed in her impeccable outfits and augmented by her choice of stunning leather gloves and perfect high heels. I feel fortunate to have discovered her and share in the excitement of viewing her images. Tom Kerger

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