Keep looking up

3-09 LS 1 3-09 M1 3-09 LS 2Casino Nights Beaded Cocktail Dress (similar here & here) Vintage Black Floral Rhinestone Earrings (similar here) Corso Como Patent Pumps

Cynthia Adams Carter and I may have never met in person, but today we have joined through a common interest of fashion. Since starting my personal style blog, I’ve found a way to display fashion of the day re-envisioning, re-purposing and admiring those before me. The fashion that I present comes from a generation of timeless elegance. I have found over the years that the lasting memory of one’s legacy could be seen through their career, festive personal life or perhaps through the garments they’ve acquired and displayed. Despite how the world may have perceived one while fulfilling life’s journey, your keepsakes that once symbolized your presence may also gift new light.
3-09 DetailStanding before a beloved family friend that knew Cynthia on a personal level, I was taken back as I clutched an exquisite black floral beaded cocktail dress in my arms. Cynthia’s neighbor held back the tears as she stated, “Cynthia embraced life, and she was a gift from god.” After this brief encounter I began to think of our time to harvest on earth, Cynthia’s business acumen with IBM, Xerox and final preparedness with AFLAC as she was seen as a legend. From loved ones and family to friends, neighbors and business associates they’ve all sought after Cynthia’s value in love and friendship. From her exuded offering of love and faith, her message to all was simple, “Keep looking up.”
3-09 Full 1
I have honored many women in my life within the pages of rich in love, from my namesake and grandmother Doris Alexander, to my beloved aunt Roberta Alexander which passed before my time. Additionally, a woman that literally changed my life through fashion and style with the placement of her bestowed vintage veiled pillbox, Justina Andrade. These women’s garments and names are just a few you will discover on my journey bestowing new light from a beloved past.

 In loving memory of Cynthia Adams Carter


1 Comment on “Keep looking up

  1. Doris – Thank you so much for posting this! My mother (Ann McCully Jones) and Cynthia were very good friends from their days at IBM, and you have accurately captured the love and admiration we had for her. My mother passed away in August, and I came across your post when looking up some information for her funeral. You didn’t mention that Cynthia was very restricted in her mobility for the last few years of her life due to multiple sclerosis; that is significant because she never became the slightest bit less of an immaculate hostess and committed friend, no matter her own circumstances. That is the Cynthia that we know, and it’s outstanding that you have put this elegant blog post together in her memory. – Hank

    Here’s the last communication I had with her (notice how she signed off):

    From: cynthia adams carter
    To: Hank Jones
    Subject: Hi

    I’m thinking about you, and keeping you in my prayers. Is your business venture going well?

    My health is stable, and I thank God for my bountiful blessings! I frequently think of the wonderful visits we shared, and miss seeing you. Will you be in the Bay Area soon? Our weather is beautiful.

    Keep Looking Up,


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