Oh, so Lovely

Maggy London Illusion Dress Vintage Emerald Rhinestone Earrings (similar here)  Vintage Fur Muff (similar in black here)  Kate Spade ‘Lovely” Pointy-Toe Pumps

What feels like more than decade is in reality more or less seven years of the greatest connection I have ever experienced. That single moment is defined by the afternoon I met Rich. At the start I never knew I would be building a brand, an existence with a partner which commonly shares the same interests and passions. Through the occurrences of our blessed lives a name formed which would stand the pillar of time, Lovely.

It was a summer afternoon as Rich and I were dining at a terrace café when he stated with such love, “Oh Lovely…,” before completing his sentence. Having yet to possess a pet name from a significant other, I was beaming in contentment. With the name repeatedly being spoken from time-to-time, I had to know where or why he had come to decide to choose the name “Lovely”.  Taken from my love for vintage garments, history and motion picture, I too adore a seasoned gentlemen. Might the fictional character Mrs. Howell from 1964’s Gilligan’s Island come to mind? Actress Natalie Schafer portrayed the character of a rich spoiled socialite married to Thurston Howell, III and was often referred to as “Lovely’ by her husband. A name held dearly which comes and continues to playout through my epic love story with Rich.When we take a moment to open our eyes to see the true beauty that surrounds us, we are then able to consume just that. Having met Rich, I have been able to grow as a person taking flight to new levels of my personal and career potential.  I will forever be his Lovely Howell.

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