A Fascinating Wonderland of Illustration by Youngsun Kim

SF Gate StyleThroughout Youngsun Kim’s adolescence her father an endowed artist himself reinforced the study of architecture, “My parents are not artist’s themselves, they have respect for the environment which surrounds them and always provided the best support they could. My father gifted in the art of mechanical drawing had always stressed the importance to study architecture, during the period which he grew up people didn’t appreciate a true artist.” Explains the 2009 SCBWI Don Freeman Grants Illustrator.

An inspired artist that explored the alchemy of illustration at the age of thirteen Kim reminisces on her fond memories as a child, “Drawing with my two younger sister’s images which consisted of children’s books or a comic theme, I found this to be my personal outlet to express my desires as a child,” she says. Kim, would often draw a fascinating wonderland which consisted of diurnal princesses from a collection of preferred picture books. Choosing the medium of watercolor, gouache and an occasional usage of acrylic color, a spirited theme of whimsical yet colorful and playfulness translates to canvas.

With the influence and support from her devoted family Kim had found herself studying within the courses of experimental animation at CalArts. While undergoing the courses Kim has moved closer to her steadfast desire to be an artist of an independent mind with influences from classmates and skilled faculty. As for Kim’s inspiration she states that everyday life has become her resource, transforming herself into a crafted artist. “I find my 4 year old daughter to be my greatest inspiration, she has given me the ability to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me,” Kim says. “The interaction of assisting others and producing art provides such a rewarding feeling”.
Experience a fascinating wonderland of Illustration created by Youngsun Kim here

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