Hail to Her Majesty | Cornelia James

Cornelia James, the official glove maker of choice by royal appointment and the world of fashion since 1979. With their timeless definiens style which translates to, for if not every occasion along with every sulk. There is one thing, though, that sets Cornelia James apart from adjoining competitive regal glove makers, a process which doesn’t rely on mass production. With designs which are intricately hand cut, Cornelia James manufactures only from premium fabric choices.  From pure merino wool which is produced in Australia, completed in the heart of Calais Italy where delicate lace is traditionally woven.  With a collection that is British manufactured at their atelier in Lewes East Sussex.

With every success there is an enriched history, a journey of triumphs amongst a legacy being fabricated with each stride. Cornelia James Limited was founded in 1946 by Cornelia James, an art and design student which fled a Nazi Scourge of the Holocaust and devastation of Europe to arrive in England. With only a suitcase incasing her prized textiles, Cornelia would discover many years later these fabrics would field a dream of fame and fortune as a skilled glove maker to the Queen. “I feel immensely proud of the work my mother did and her association with the Royal Household. I will endeavor to keep the legacy of the brands heritage but always look to the future with eyes wide open,” states Genevieve as she reminisces on her mother’s legacy.”With an astute way to create the drab rational such as the leather glove in a spectrum of colors which today has become a fashion essential. “The color Queen of England” a profile gifted by Vogue Magazine of Cornelia’s thriving business to both couturiers and leading retailers. A few years after founding her profound company, Cornelia was approached by Norman Hartnell the designer behind Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown to produce a ladylike glove for the young princess to be worn during her marriage to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. Marking a celebration of nuptial bliss, this occasion to marked the beginning of a dear relationship with the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen for Glove making which was awarded in 1979 and remains in place in the name of Genevieve James, Cornelia’s daughter and Creative Director.“The Royal Warrant is not a prize but rather recognition of excellence consistently achieved– not least because the Warrant has to be renewed every five years. Warrant holding companies range in size from the very large to the very small – like us – and the Royal Warrant is a mark of excellence which is recognized all over the World.” States Genevieve who has advanced into the British glove making industry from under her mother, “The Royal Warrant is a mark of excellence which is known throughout the world and cannot be bought at any price”.

Over the decades, Cornelia James has been Britain’s premier glove making company, supplying gloves and occasional accessories to a wide range of celebrity clients. No greater regal style goes to anyone else than the Queen of England as her style is beyond fashion itself, with the abiding tradition of the gloved royal hand waving through the window of a black Bentley.  I personally find Cornelia James to not only provide a historical implication but a sense of craftsmanship that has been lost throughout the years. Say hello to a glove maker that creates for all occasions and God bless her Majesty.Gloves are at the heart of Cornelia James and are sold through some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques. Discover their newly renovated website containing a full collection of well-tailored gloves here.

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