A Boudoir Allure over Chantilly Lace with Pin-Up by Cindy Lee

Pinup by Cindy Lee Chantilly Lace Pencil Dress  Vintage Rhinestone Drop Dangle Earrings (similar here)  Faux Fur Scarf (similar here)  Authentic Black Gloves (similar here)  Vintage Black Patent Clutch (J Colleen Boutique, similar here) Kate Spade NY Black Patent Pumps

When Cindy Lee Founder of Pin-Up by Cindy Lee began her Ventura based garment company she started with the passion to create beautiful designs that encourage women of all sizes to display a sultry persona and magnetic beauty. For the 33 years old chic Pin-Up Designer, it meant utilizing high quality fabrics that would offer a bit of stretch and desirable ease. Cindy Lee had spent years designing as a novice, then more recently in 2012 on a dragoman business venture. “I have always known that I wanted to pursue this passion, but it seemed as though life just continued to get in the way.” After careful consideration Cindy Lee had taken control of any apprehensions and fears only to find herself very grateful she had.

With her debut collection launching in 2012 Cindy Lee had cultivated her inspiration based on a style of Vintage Bustiers among Boudoir pencil skirts. These designs struck a chord with a wide range of women, infusing a feminine allure from a vast range of vintage women’s wear with a fit that compliments any form. “It isn’t just the design concept that women love, but the way they feel in my garments. It’s the way the lines of the styles hug their bodies and how the fabrics feel against their skin,” Cindy Lee openly explains in detail from the overall array of comments received from her adored clientele.
From a Collection entitled “Chantilly” a name that dates back to the 17th century to the Duchesse de Longueville, this stunning collection features a luxurious fabric choice of soft millennium which is overlaid with a beautiful black rose detail over a nude silhouette. A satin-finish bra strap ensures maximum fit as the bust is reinforced with three layers of fabric and finished with a charming removable handmade brooch. Cindy Lee reminiscences during the interview stumbling upon the gorgeous lace used for her Chantilly design submerged in a sea of wall to wall fabric. From the instant gratification to create a number of designs from its beauty Cindy Lee settled for three styles which include the Chantilly Pencil Dress (seen above), the Chantilly ½ Sleeve Wiggle Dress and the Chantilly Swing Dress. “I find a real passion with the technical aspect to designing as much as the actual designing itself.”


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