On the Horizon

Ann Taylor Trench Dress (here & here)  Express Tie Neck Halter Blouse (here)  Vintage Blue Rhinestone Earrings (similar here)  Pearl Bracelet (similar here)  Vintage 1920’s Binoculars (Robert Alexander) Vince Camuto Pumps

Standing within the bucolic surroundings I find a sense of serenity surround the agog persona I possess. One could compare today’s society as an urban serengeti that repeatedly takes flight with each sunrise to sunset. The question may telesthesia on the horizon of what tomorrows awakening might bring.In a past era of Hollywood’s first interpretation of an impracticability of glamorous red lips, high heels and delicate accessories an iconic sense of style developed from the 1955 film entitled, ‘Mogambo’.These ineffable beauties Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner established their diverse ensembles which consisted of a sporting cargo-pocketed trenches, vivid neckerchiefs with side-spilt skirts which all showcased the epitome of elegant adventuresses. I find the combination of vintage accouterments accented by the modern touch from a past seasoned trench dress to bring a utilitarian appearance with a practical safari twist.

Traditionally, trench styled designs featured a double-breast with 10 front buttons and wide lapels, a storm flap and pockets which button-closed. These coats were belted at the waist with a strap around the wrists which also buckle up. This appearance received mainstream recognition in the 1850’s by Thomas Burberry, the inventor of gabardine fabric. In many ways the trench coat emblematic a moment in history which World War I occupied, a sense of history of garnishing myself with a historian figure that fought within the rigid military order.
Today, I find these military details to garnish an existing adornment of history that traditionally gains a new horizon of value & strength.  “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun” – Christopher McCandless, Explorer.

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