A Chateau with Historic Taste

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Travelers, wine enthusiast’s and merry crowds all agree on the prominence in which the Napa Valley is viewed, a historic implication of quintessential development. With the early 1940’s marking a significant place in time for seven vintners, forming a trade association which today represents nearly five hundred wineries. The underlining query to consider while visiting such a valley of growth and abundance is choosing one location for an afternoon of premier wine tasting. When you think of Napa an instantaneous thought comes to the mind, Domaine Carneros. During a brief visit to the award-winning winery, I found no better way than to celebrate the afternoon with their renowned sparkling wine.Arriving through the cast Iron gates of Domaine Carneros a blissful auroral greets guest’s presenting a likening to the bucolic French countryside. With the overall view which drives forward through the Carneros wine appellation, in the foreground stands a recreation of a historic 18th-Century Château de la Marquetterie owned by Champagne Taittinger in Reims, France. With an abundance of 350 acres of certified organic estate vineyards, the property houses an acoustic of elegance and boasts sights surrounded by the mellifluous vineyard-covered hillside.


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