A Prodigious Bloom | Ruby & June Millinery

For many, the design phrase “Milliner” may evoke an image of an antiquated artisan skill-set which has been passed down from a previous generation. For Carly Duckworth, a novice Milliner entrepreneur and fancier of vintage hats has found a connection to the art of millinery through the glamour and elegance of the 1920’s. Carly credits her vibrant and forthcoming company, Ruby & June Millinery through an unexpected work injury nearly two years prior. There, with an abundance of available time she began to form a hobby that once consisted of configuring beads to form headbands which turned to the development of an appreciation for the creative process of Millinery.NY & Company Floral Lace Dress by Eva Mendes Collection (similar here)  ‘Isabella’ c/o June & Ruby Millinery  Glass Paved Gold-Tone Earrings, J Colleen Boutique (similar here & here) Vintage Black Opera Gloves  Ivanka Trump Pumps

With an approach inspired by a past era of panache which celebrates a ladylike silhouette, sporting longer hemlines and an understated elegance which defined such a forgotten decade, Carly avers a modern twist to her growing collection. “At the moment here in Australia, the cocktail hat has been extremely popular, but I’m very excited that the wide brimmed hat is coming back in fashion,” she states. Choosing among an array of designs that range from fascinators, to the brimless cocktail hat embellished with dramatic trim such as feathers, bows and flowers while others present a traditional pillbox design. A number of her designs are frequently accented with a foundation of floral bouquets, bringing a showcase of whimsical charm atop each piece.With an immediate love at first glance, a striking attraction to a floral-adorned Calot piece entitled ‘Isabella’ comes to mind. This brimless black felt design brings such a quixotic undertone to the geminate white magnolia that curves from behind the brim. A millinery best worn at an angle or to one’s preference which might include a traditional slant sitting near the rear, despite the position worn’ Isabella’ is a fresh bloom of an ornate delight.Today, these creations of a well-poised design can come to define a person or ones look, with a mission in life to convey a woman with a sense of beauty, which she does with each design she brings, “I just like making people feel good about themselves, and if I can do that by making them a headpiece for an occasion, gifting them a special feeling, then that makes me happy too,” Carly expresses.

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