What’s your Poison?

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What is more voluptuous than a ring with a secret, perhaps one that could poison?  Beholding a reputation of being intended for the assassin or a jealous spouse, the poison ring has adapted to murder quite seamlessly. In the year 1938 a murder for hire led by the Petrillo cousins Herman and Paul, also known as the Philadelphia poison ring gang. With a total of one hundred and fourteen poison-related murders the gang rang in with a formula for murder on their finger.From its origination dating back to India and the Far East, as metalworking advanced through ancient times, these locket or box rings were found in Asia, Russia the Mediterranean and the Middle East. By the 17th century, jewelers created these poison rings in the shape of a casket which served as mementos for mourners entitled “funeral rings.”  Today poison rings instigate not only imagination but centuries containing the enriched poison for an unfortunate enemy. With the English idiom of “don’t judge a book by its cover” which translates to “you shouldn’t prejudge the wealth or value of something by is outward appearance alone.” An expression that applies to the apparent appearance or one’s garment, as ones intent may be something other than it seems.10-26-2015 LS310-26-2015 Middle 110-26-2015 LS4The value of a person or from a materialistic object should not be perceived from what is viewed on their outer surface but from what may be lurking on the inside. We often see what we want to see, if that is judging oneself or falsely seeing what is not of reality. As a society we have a tendency to let gainsay be our guide, which in return has caused us to miserably overlook the obvious and become deceived from the truth. There is something to be said about the hidebound elements of ones accouterments as a tradition piece of jewelry such a poison ring could certainly destine an unfortunate situation.10-26-2015 Full 2


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