Reminiscing through Miles of History

11-02-2015 FullAuthentic Vintage Dress ( Relic Vintage SF, similar here)  Black Beaded Earrings (similar here)  1940’s Wide Brim Hat with Veil (similar here, here & here)  Vintage Suede Handbag (Grace Niles)  Coach “Housten” Pumps (similar here)

Exploring the greater San Francisco Bay Area I have uncovered a number of local treasures from an array of vintage boutiques, brick and mortar shops, and premier antique fairs.  Hidden away near the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area on the island city of Alameda is a former naval air station of 1927 which stands as the grounds for a monthly antique fair housing a premier selection of 800 unique vintage sellers. An event known for an estimated attendance of ten thousand vintage lovers’ (like myself) is The Alameda Point Vintage Faire.11-02-2015 Middle BNW This month’s venture showcased a number of private and retail connections finding myself in a sea of vintage bliss I found it impossible to stay focused on just one particular accouterment. From a historic perspective which arouses a personal level of interest, beginning with a black leather handbag by designer Caprice, an original as the dated tag states with its soft cream colored vinyl interior. I couldn’t help but become smitten by its abnormal gothic inspired decorative metal shafts which connect to a one inch leather wrapped wooden handle. From an alluring ambiance that was felt with a brief stare, I couldn’t resist its striking beauty as its statue stands as a one-of-a-kind design. This was the start of an afternoon filled with an abundance of worthy purchases that would all eventually make their debuts on the blog.11-02-2015 Middle 111-02-2015 LS 1Many will ask how I find such ease of assembling myself with an assortment of vintage garments; I find it to display a sentimental value to the women of a past era, with each style presented to the public providing  homage to their inspiration to redefined style. From a developing wardrobe that possesses the right amount of vanity I find adding the value of such an era to be inexcusable. A label-less wool blend satin lined sheath dress (as seen above) with an auburn autumn inspired motif replaces the standard run-of-the-mill designs with a detachable roped styled belt that knots perfectly to one’s side. For me it’s certainly a dress design which displays the start of fall with a sense of warmth despite its concealing pattern.
To find love you must seek love, one may say the same could go for a day reminiscing through miles of history. The funniest thing that many overlook when they hear the phrase ‘vintage’ is that it was once brand new, instead now it carries a story.

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