Full 1 11-30-2015Kaersten Cooper is one of the most sought after San Francisco designers in an industry that lacks proper fit for women of height. Her luxury brand, MARGE Clothing, exclusively designs for women 5’9″ and taller; Kaersten pilots her designs with such ease that she is possibly one designer in the San Francisco Bay Area not to be missed. Women of height have been spreading their positive praise, as they all have been sighted donning her garments with such panache.Back 1 11-30-2015Ceiling 11-30-2015Detail 11-30-2015Full 2 11-30-2015With the recent opportunity to interview Kaersten for leading lifestyle magazine VRAI, I felt a nostalgic moment transpire during our hour plus meeting at her chic design studio in the heart of the city’s financial district. From her elevated height that gracefully mesmerized me rather quickly, I was welcomed with such a grand hospitality that included champagne and delicate bites. When our initial conversation began, Kaersten made a bold statement about her design inspiration, which has resonated with me on a personal level and quickly became the statement to introduce my article.

“I remember making my first dress design with my grandmother and feeling so transformed through the whole process.”

This opening statement can be seen as the inspiration for the birth of what she calls MARGE; it created such a sentimental theme within her mind of a woman she referenced countless times during our conversation as her style muse and essence that she attributes to her creative spectrum of designs.Detail 1 11-30-2015Full BNW 11-30-2015 Marjorie Boldt, a belated fashion illustrator and designer of the 1930s and 40s, Kaersten described here as a women of poise, grace, process, and principle before stating, “Marge is a nostalgic love story I wanted to share with the world, as it is a modern ode to the talent, traits, characteristics that were solely passed down aligning tall woman to create their presence with one garment at a time.” A love story, indeed, that I was fortunate enough to have shared with Kaersten, as one is always home with their memories of a past that spoke such an abundance of truth and love.Middle 1 11-30-2015
Bespoke Beaded Fascinator c/o MARGE Clothing Feather Hem Cocktail Dress, Ann Taylor (similar here, here & here) Crystal Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings (similar here & here) Vintage Opera Gloves (similar here)  Kate Spade ‘Licorice too‘ Pumps Lipstick & Nails


One Comment on “Nostalgic love with MARGE

  1. Lovely outfit, you look fabulous. I love your pictures too, really capturing the atmosphere; I’m getting very much in a cocktail-mood (which I am not sure is a good thing at Thursday morning 9am ;). xx

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