A Blue Velvet Christmas

12-21-2015 Middle 1Soft piano, champagne infused laughter and the elegant touch of sophistication, the holiday party is a sensation with everyone looking a bit festive.  Nothing says Christmas more than a classic hourglass silhouette in a stunning blue velvet cowl-neck sheath as it evokes a demure sense of polished elegance from the 1940’s. Garnished with the frill-trim of a fox fur stole, displaying an accouterments which ties in with the gathered ruching at the waist, it’s easy to understand how one can become wrapped up in the holiday festivities. Throughout this time of year I find it charming, feminine and every bit beautiful.12-21-2015 Middle 212-21-2015 Middle 3 BNW12-21-2015 Middle 4Standing within a monument that represents memories from the past, which gifts an alluring statue taken from its 1928 redevelopment of a Moorish- and Gothic-inspired interior by Berkeley architect Julia Morgan; a sense of historical bliss is felt from each ornate stone pillar carved with the burbling fountains that trigger pitches from the echoes of voices that surround the marble forages. In the weeks prior I had the honor of photographing inside the beaux-inspired Julia Morgan Ballroom (here) located on the 15th floor of the Merchant exchange building in San Francisco.

Perhaps the holidays are the easiest cue to epitomizing the elegance of an opulent look, from exquisite fabrics that start with a head-to-toe assembly of crush-worthy blue velvet, starting atop with a millinery design embellished in pony hair, to an art deco-inspired handbag which complements the sapphire rhinestones that sits appropriately at the waist adding an authenticity to the overall ensemble. With vintage fashion a person can play a role, embody a story or represent an era based on what one chooses to wear, the question is why choose anything else than the look of opulence? 12-21-2015 Full 1
Vince Camuto Cap-Sleeve Velvet Cocktail Dress  Vintage Blue Velvet Handbag (similar here)  Vintage Gene Doris Blue Velvet Hat (similar sold online at Etsy)  Vintage White Floral Gloves  Blue Rhinestone Earrings & Brooch Set (similar here & here)  Coach Teddie Pumps

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    • Hi Rebecca, thank you for visiting my site as I greatly appreciate your kind message! If you love velvet, stay tuned for tomorrow’s holiday post. xox

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