Dress like a Lady

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Parisians have a distinct sense of style in regards to garment choices. Maintaining confidence through a casual, yet elegant persona, Parisians are viewed as being never over or under-dressed. French muse, Coco Chanel, a legendary designer, believed that an overall ensemble should represent a theme of “less is more.” In following those guidelines, one should apply a sleek, feminine profile, which achieves a subtle choice that combines menswear with a femme allure.

Flattering a 1950s lady-like silhouette with an ivory polyester-blend suit, a floral silk scarf, pearl and diamond starburst brooch, and rich auburn leather accessories gives one a Parisian appearance. A prominent part of the Parisian cultural lifestyle and society is through their haute sense of style, as the French have always been known for their well-presented stature. With an industry that originated in Paris during the 1860s, this venue acts as the centerpiece of French fashion. Their extravagant use of fabric conveys feminine elegance, presenting a narrow shoulder and cinched waist with the emphasis on the bust and longer skirts lengths. The succession of a French state of mind has been recreated with today’s accessory and garment choices, as dressing like a lady can open a classic channel of opportunity, not to mention being treated like a lady.
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What are the keys guidelines to dressing in such a style? In my latest written editorial feature for Posh on Pennies, I present the essentials of how the modern day lady can dress with such a timeless sense of style, while utilizing ultramodern materials in combination with pieces from an era gone by. Find yourself falling in love with dressing up and the pieces you’ll want to wear for many years to come with a preview below.
“As I open my closet in the morning, I hear the echo of Coco Chanel ‘A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.’ She of all female designers from the 1940s knew what it was to dress like a lady whether it was from the runway to the city streets.

How to dress like a lady? This is the question many modern women may ask before they approach their daily garment regimens. I find it utterly ridiculous that the modern day woman thinks that every outing requires a particular attire; I agree that you should present yourself in a respectable balance, but why must we dress for our outer world rather than for ourselves?  A collection that accentuated the twentieth century in fashion was launched in 1947 with Dior’s “New Look”, which featured rounded shoulders, a cinched waist and skirts that were very full in shape. Although Dior vision has been used with a number of designer brands, not to mention couture runways, his look can easily be the modern girls guide to dressing like a lady.”Full 2 1-25-2016Middle 3 1-25-2016Aleutian Mink Fur Coat // NY&Co 7th Avenue Suit (similar here & here) // Vintage Floral Silk Scarf (similar here) // Vintage Brown Leather Gloves (similar here) // Calvin Klein Leather Tab Belt // Pearl & Rhinestone Starburst Brooch (similar here) // Charles by Charles David ‘Pact’ Pump (on sale here) // MAC Lipstick


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