The Woman who sees More

Middle 1 2-1-2016A dress is merely just a dress without an assortment of accessories, which in return considerably transform clothing into fashion; in fact it is not like any other process.

Give a woman a standard little black dress or something of its comparable style, and watch her mentally strip off an inch at the hem, add a dash of jewels to the neckline, a well donned leather handbag, the height of heels, and top with a millinery design, which makes all the difference. My point is, give a women, any women, a fraction, and they will view it rather quickly as a whole. Where fashion is concerned and what it comes down to is that the woman who sees more typically receives more, as she is thinking in terms of the ensemble as a whole. While all women’s styles vary as distinctively as the women who invent them, I’ve yet to discover a woman who didn’t wear her aesthetic for all its worth.  Middle 2 2-1-2016Details 2-1-2016While you find yourself fashioning a new ensemble in the tell-all light of a full length mirror, the theory mentioned in last week’s blog post (here) of ‘less is more’ embodies an ideal wardrobe that becomes much more interesting and uncomplicated. For instance, a modest dress in combination with a 60s inspired gold metallic brocade cropped styled jacket, dainty 14 karat gold earrings, and a matching gold polished clutch creates a trio of inseparable pieces that can be worn with a fair amount of class.  The goal in fashion is gaining pieces that can be riveted for a number of occasions, as extemporizing is the chic woman’s forte. Middle 3 2-1-2016Full 1 2-1-2016Close Up 2-1-2016Middle 4 2-1-2016
Ruffled Sheath (similar here) // Vintage Metallic Brocade Cropped Jacket (similar here & here) // 14 Karat Gold Leaf Earrings (similar here) // Vintage Fur Stole (similar here) // Gold Done Clutch (similar here) // Brian Atwood Nude Patent Pumps (similar here) // MAC Lipstick

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