A Style of Discipline

Full 1 2-08-2016One of my favorite corset images is from the silver screen from 1960: The Millionairess, starring film siren, Sophia Loren. Sophia’s character spent the entire film attempting to seduce her co-star, Peter Sellers, a poor, yet dedicated Indian doctor. It seems difficult to not stare at Loren while she strips down to a sinful black corset and stockings, paired with the elegant white hat, pearl necklace, and ladylike white gloves. Perhaps sinful is an understatement for such a corset that cinches at the waist, giving her the hourglass silhouette of old Hollywood perfection.

A corset often ends up as a waist training addiction after the initial fear disappears. I find lovely ladies who have only heard negative messages of the dangers of corseting dismiss all they have been told after they have had the chance to physically lace up in one. With the whipping noise slashing as each eyelet is tightened, a feeling of discipline is felt, a straightened back is formed, along with the opportunity of a reduction waist line of up to four inches.History 2-08-2016Arch 1 2-08-2016Details 2-08-2016Middle 2-08-2016Close up 2-08-2016Middle 1 2-08-2016Arch 2 2-08-2016My first piece of advice with corseting is to start with a curated design, preferably a bespoke corset which will fit to your curves. Real corsets are custom made to your measurements and therefore require several weeks to create and deliver. I would never wear, nor purchase, a corset that wasn’t a bespoke design, as I’ve found through Corsettery’s designs a fundamental of craftsmanship and structure that can’t be found with any other brand on the market.

Having started my corset journey in July 2015, I have found the changes to be quite positive, from the curvature in my natural waist with a noticeable reduction of 2 ¾ inches, to a fuller hip that hugs the retro-inspired dress designs I admire most. I also employ a healthy routine that consists of a daily workout regimen of a rotation of thirty-minute cardio sessions, off-set with strength training and yoga. In combination with a low-carb meal plan that models after the Mediterranean diet, I find my body to respond to the corset training smoothly with only moderate pain, if any. I would like to mention that in the beginning, it was a bit of a transition, as any new beauty treatment is; I advise to start slowly as corseting takes patience, discipline, and time. Each corset needs to be broken in just like any new pair of shoes. Those who know me will find me lounging in the Andrade from Corsettery’s Old Hollywood Couture Collection; it has been my go-to design for daily training and weekend outings.

Debuting recently in the Old Hollywood Couture Collection (here), is an elegant velvet and gold leaf brooch waspie design that finds a practical relationship between a traditional over-bust and under-bust corset design. Having never worn such a corset design, I found its construction of 6 panels and 16 bones to present a reinforced focus on the target area, while being classic for modern day wear. Back 2-08-2016
Tatyana Double Breasted Dress (similar here) // Black Satin 10 Spiral Steel Waspie Corset c/o Corsettery // Vintage Rhinestone Earrings (similar here) //  Vintage Black Satin Halo Hat, Lucy Sandoval // Patent Clutch (similar here) // Kate Spade ‘Licorice too’ Patent Pumps


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