Rainy day Ruffles

M1 2-22-2016LS1 2-22-2016Full1 2-22-2016Your style shouldn’t halt when it comes to wet weather; a classic 1950s trench jacket not only adds construction, but also brings a story with a memory. I find this 1950s princess-style jacket to have such a feminine, pretty, and figure-flattering appearance.

The 1950’s coats were beautifully constructed and varied slightly in styles, fabrics, and design. Most coats were long, some coming all the way to the ankle, others just below the knee, and others sat right around the hip. Typical fabrics included camel hair, wool velour, wool fleece, tweed, and fur or cashmere, if you could afford it. Coats were often decorated with large buttons, belts, ruffles, or fur collars to add a little glamour to an otherwise simple design. Fur trimmings like beaver, lamb fur, astrakhan, and mink were all popular, and a contrast lining on the inside was used to introduce interesting fashion features.M2 2-22-2016Full2 2-22-2016Nylon 2-22-2016Lamps 2-22-2016Full3 2-22-2016This particular style of jacket has such a rich story attached to its debut to the blog. Many of you already know I purchase a number of my garments, if not all, from estate sales, with a selected few handed down as family heirlooms. It was the evening after an early morning estate sale that I began to try each garment on, as I typically do. With a smile forming on my face, because of how fashion-forward this jacket was, I began to pose in front of my floor-length gold encrusted mirror. It wasn’t until I reached into the right pocket that I began to tear up. Immediately running out to the family room, I stood before my beau and photographer, Rich; before I could speak, he quickly questioned my tearful face. With my hand still in my right-hand pocket, I pulled out a handkerchief that had a delicate hand stitched pink rose. Looking up at Rich, I announced, “It was her handkerchief.” Pausing for a brief moment, I reached into the other pocket to feel a rain hat made of clear tulle with black satin ribbon trim. There I was, to my surprise, I hadn’t only purchased a vintage, ruffled trench coat, I had also purchased the lasting memory of Helen, a wife and mother of two children from the Oakland hills.
This vintage jacket is not only extremely stylish, but provided a looking glass into history.Rose Detail 2-22-2016Full4 2-22-2016
Vintage Ruffles Trench Jacket (similar here) // Vintage Rhinestone Earring & Bracelet Set (Peggy Anderson, similar here & here) // Black Umbrella  (similar here) // Donna Karen Lace Top Knee-High // Kate Spade ‘ Licorice Too‘ Pumps

2 Comments on “Rainy day Ruffles

  1. Hi there, I’m pleased to see other people who value the story of something. To me the story definitely adds value to something, something that’s quite common in the world of antiques, and art, but sadly the new and now culture of fashion means many forget about history.

    What I really love is that whilst having the classic vintage elegance, there are some lovely modern touches, such as the nails and the shoes. Although my leather soles never go out in the wet, as much as I love the feel of luxury, it breaks my heart to ruin them.

    • Meinheels thank you for visiting! I greatly appreciate each and every comment I receive. Please Feel free to stay connected with me on Instagram and Twitter – all links can be found below.

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