Wisteria in Bloom

M 1 3-28-2016Today I present the idea, “To thine own self be true” a quote by Shakespeare that could be seen as the soundest advice ever given. With spring upon us, many might think of making a transition emotionally or physically, but before we do, we must ask, “Who am I?” What I’ve found throughout the years to be true is that having an authentic perspective is the strongest practice which lives through our thoughts, words, and actions to others.

While I stand beneath the loveliest wisteria wood-climbing covered blossoms this spring afternoon, I can feel an abundance within my life. I was told once from a person dear to my heart, to give gratitude for my accomplishments and moreover to the individuals that have thus far guided me to the very place I stand today. There can never be enough gratitude in life, in fact as New York Times Best-selling author Janice Kaplan states, “In our society we have a major ‘gratitude gap.’” In this exclusive interview with Kaplan for Red Carpet Bay Area, I learned how to create a life of gratitude while self-editing my daily processes.Full 1 3-28-2016LS 1 3-28-2016M 2 3-28-2016LS 2 3-28-2016M  3-28-2016The hardest challenge many women have making is with their style choices, breaking away from the status quo and being who they believe they should be. The question is: why don’t you just embody it? I had to ask myself this same question many years ago while I was transitioning my wardrobe to what it is today. From a love of wearing both vintage-inspired clothing brands and authentic pieces, I took the leap of self-belief, which included not allowing what others had to say reflect my personal style choices. I will be very honest with you; not factoring in what others think has given me a sense of freedom and confidence to be who I was always meant to be in life.

I grew up adoring a woman who knew this fundamental: my paternal grandmother, Josephine, she demonstrated it effortlessly. With an impeccable European sense of style, she always carried a simplified sophistication to all she wore. From the donning of rhinestone earrings to a collection of light and delicate Italian-made scarfs, she brought each season in with a chic affair. Today’s ensemble is a perfect example of what an authentic sense of style is to oneself. The combination of a vintage Ralph Lauren floral scarf, designer cat-eye shades from Miu Miu, and an authentic vintage dress brings the style from yesteryear to center stage with such warmth and gratitude.Details 1 3-28-2016M 4 3-28-2016Ful 2 3-28-2016M 5 3-28-2016
Authentic 1950s Wool Dress (Lucy Sandoval) // Miu Miu Cat-eye Sunglasses // Ralph Lauren Silk Scarf (similar here) // Vintage Rhinestone Earrings // Side-Ruched Lady Gloves // Brian Atwood Patent Pumps 

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