Crown your Beauty with the Elegant Touch of White Purls

LS 1 5-9-2016Full 1 5-9-2016The way you create your sense of style is very important. My personal style is a blend of sophisticated and casual motifs. My ideal ensemble is one that promotes a classic, feminine profile and silhouette, which I play off with fabrics, textures, and accessories that are as practical and wearable as they are beautiful. My attitude towards myself and my wardrobe is a melding sense of style, with a practical, unpretentious philosophy, which seem to both embody and reflect an era of yesteryear. From a millinery design to lady-like daywear gloves and a hip hugging black sheath that completes my corseted waist, I find these elements of style so much more meaningful and rich than any new modern design, because they have life; I love items that have both life and a forgotten story.

Millinery, for example, has been a huge part of my adult life while I’ve embraced womanhood in a new form. When I garnish myself with a pillbox, wide-brim, or perchance a fascinator design, there is a moment I’ve crowned my soul with such beauty. I believe millinery to be a labor of love, as well as an art form that awakens the senses of dressing like a lady. When I combine the two, I find myself bringing such a harmonious balance to my European attributes, which in return gives me such a sense of true beauty.

For several months I’ve had an ongoing interest in partnering with Myriam Courchesne,  Designer and Founder of White Purls, a made-to-order bespoke milliner of California. I’ve found her designs to obtain a uniqueness crafted by inventive techniques not found elsewhere. From the elegant touch of genuine leather suede with black lace, The ‘Nadine’ Evening Hat presents a profound touch of vintage glamour that accentuates one’s beauty.

My love for the products I wear and display creates strength and excitement. Many can see that through my extensive collection, which consists of millinery designs by some of the elite in the industry, White Purls is by far one of them. Garnished in such love, I applaud the millinery designers for their ongoing support and producing such beauty. In the years ahead I see an increase of ladies joining me as they too showcase a lady-like demure of wearing a hat, with the only question being which hat to choose.Sit 1 5-9-2016M 1 5-9-2016LS 2 5-9-2016F2 5-9-2016LS 3 5-9-2016Full  4 5-9-2016Sit 2 5-9-2016LS 5 5-9-2016
Banana Republic Lightweight Wool Vented Sheath // ‘Nadine’ Cocktail Fascinator c/o White Purls // Vintage Pearl Earrings & Necklace (Theresa Fisher) // Satin Opera Gloves // Donna Karen Hosiery // Kate Spade Patent Pumps // Red Lipstick “Really Red” c/o Marykay

One Comment on “Crown your Beauty with the Elegant Touch of White Purls

  1. Such a gorgeous outfit! I love everything about it and you accessorized it so well.


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