An Engaging Collection of Memorable Moments

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One of my favorite aspects of vintage antiquing is the relationships I have formed with each piece I acquire. So it comes as no surprise, when I started selling vintage jewelry and accessories from my private collection (as seen here), I knew I wanted to share with those who purchased as much as I knew about the women who once owned them. What I particularly appreciate are the stories that the pieces possess, from a forgotten name to one’s amaranthine journey, I find my love to grow. As part of my search to curate a vast collection, I’ve become quite the collector of rhinestone brooches and earrings.

A recent purchase is a vintage piece, this romantic gold-tone leaf brooch from Olde Towne Antique Mall. With only a display case number and seller name of Iris to go by, I still find a sentimental touch what might be her legacy. Coco Chanel explained it well when she said, “Jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them look beautiful — you should wear the jewelry, not the jewelry wear you.” This quote has an absolute truth, as too many times we over-garnish ourselves with a number of pieces that have the tendency to draw attention away from its original grace.

It’s easier than you may think to re-create a look that possesses a silhouette of glamour. For those who are transitioning into such a style, try starting with a LBD dress from Bitter Root Vintage, a preferred online shopping destination for vintage-inspired dresses. As for a bit of advice regarding brooch placement, don’t overthink it; just entertain yourself by pinning it traditionally on your shoulder or perhaps to the ruching of a dress, a draped scarf, or the center closure of a corset. You’ll discover a sense of joie de vivre when you wear a brooch, for it will bring a elegance to your overall look and stares from many.LS 1 5-30-2016M 1 5-30-2016Building 5-30-2016Full 2 5-30-2016LS 2 5-30-2016Full 4 5-30-2016LS BNW 5-30-2016Full 3 5-30-2016
Memoirs Dress in Black c/o Bitter Root Vintage // Gold-Tone Leaf Brooch, Olde Town Antique Mall // 50’s Trifari Pearl Earrings c/o Sweet & Spark // Patent Clutch, Annie Sandoval // Unlabeled Patent Belt & Embossed Gloves  // 1940s Wide-Brim Feathered Hat // Patent Pumps Kate Spade // “Really Red” Lipstick c/o MaryKay // Skincare Nucerity

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