An Authentic Life of Glamour

Middle 1 6-20-2016What does it truly mean to be authentic? I see it as the core of one’s existence. While many of us will go through a number of years fulfilling our self-growth, peeling off multiple layers discovering who we were before, we steadily begin to identify our new self and embrace who that is. Rather than focusing on occurrences in life, perhaps we should focus on what prompts us to stride forward despite the misfortunes that arise.

While we continue to live a life that is consumed by our outer world we slowly discover we are less in touch with of our deeper self. We live in a society that is surrounded with egos, emotions, paradigms and status quos. I believe we need to take a look back at ourselves to create a sense of authenticity. Still today, many of us continue to ask the question of “Who am I?” Well, it’s quite simple, it’s you, it’s your passion, and it’s a mind-set shift, more importantly it’s gratitude. From an ageless answer that the universe has provided us millions of years ago, and still to this day, we continue to struggle. I know now more than ever of who I am from the beliefs I hold, to the garments I cherish, and my genuine story which I’ve shared.

In many cases, I think we are all scared of getting to know ourselves, to fail and even face diversity, nonetheless, I will be the first to tell you it’s one of the hardest struggles you will encounter, but the true reward is on the other side of mediocrity. A great practice I’ve found to be helpful is to dig deep in your archives of dated photographs and find one that resembles a time in your life that symbolizes meaning. With it in hand begin to concentrate for a brief moment and meditate on how far you have come, your mind will begin to connect the dots of how you got this far and that will build the strength to not give up. A philanthropist at heart, I honestly know how it feels to be told, you don’t measure up to being adequate. What you may fail to realize is, what others say in poor judgment of you does not reflect your authentic self.  You be you and the rest will follow, it’s a promise from the universe.  Full 1 6-20-2016Details 6-20-2016M 2 6-20-2016Flowers 6-20-2016LS 3 6-20-2016Edith Martin Dress & Vintage Wool Handbag (Annie Sandoval) // Vintage Rhinestone Earrings & Rose brooch (similar sold on my Boutique here) // 1950s Ivory Melosoie Millinery & Gloves c/o Senior Sorters // Pink Rose c/o FTD // Ivanka Trump Suede Pumps // Really Red Lipstick c/o Marykay

One Comment on “An Authentic Life of Glamour

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post. I love your idea of meditating while holding an old photograph. Your words ring especially true with me. In an age of constantly being connected, I often find myself never alone with my thoughts like I was before having mobile devices. Back then, when I had moments of free time, I was left to think and ponder. Today, when I have a moment of free time, I immediately reach for my phone to connect. Recently, I have been making a conscious effort to spend less time on my phone and more time just being okay with sitting and thinking. It’s been truly rewarding.


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