A Secret Garden with a Nostalgic Feeling

6-27 MiddleI find myself from time-to-time daydreaming about vintage glamour; call it a nostalgic feeling of the 1940s. From an afternoon filled with a summer sunlit sky and evergreen shrubs to the rustic gate that opens to a precious garden of a scenic paradise, I find no better way to feature such beauty than in a dress by Tatyana boutique. You might remember the classic hourglass silhouette of this Sierra Green Pencil Dress from its debut at Elliston Vineyard last year.

A lady-like dress, which displays a feminine peek-a-boo neckline, combined with the elegant embroidery details of a delicate floral design and retro button, provides a canvas for a premier selection of vintage accessories. Today, I complete such a dress with fabulous olive green pearl cluster vintage earrings (a recent Estate Sale find) and side-ruched gloves, finished off with a darling floral hair piece by Vandalised with Love. If you follow me on social media, preferably Instagram, you’ll discover that I absolutely adore authentic vintage jewelry. From each piece that displays such a glamorous sparkle to the history and stories each piece holds, I find them to redefine each garment I grace. If you’re in search of a dose of nostalgic sparkle, allow me to help with my private boutique on Poshmark, and always stay glamorous.Full 1 6-27LS 1 6-27Clutch 6-27.jpgLS 2 6-27Gate 6-27Earring 6-27BNW 6-27View 6-27M 2 6-27
Sierra Green Pencil Dress, Tatyana boutique // Floral Hair Piece c/o Vandalised with Love // 1950s Lucite Clear Clutch with Rhinestones // Olive Green Pearl Cluster Vintage Earrings (similar styles sold on my vintage boutique at Etsy) // Vintage Gloves // Coach Teddi Pumps // Really Red Lipstick c/o Marykay


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