A Countryside Ride in Gingham

M 7-11-2016Wine tasting  is one of the most popular and prominent pastimes for wine lovers worldwide, with more than 400 wineries to visit in the Napa Valley alone. To experience the true flavor of a premier choice of wine requires a leisure mindset which in turn involves your sense of sight, smell, touch, and most importantly taste. I find an abundance of relaxation while I’m among the acres of vibrant vines and the authentic pattern of gingham.

With a pleasant afternoon spent at Leer Winery, I decided to take the 17th century striped pattern of gingham for a brisk ride through the countryside, feeling like Audrey Hepburn in the classic 1953 film, Roman Holiday. Gingham has no right or wrong side with respect to color, as it inspires a classic style motif, cotton comfort, and the vintage touch of a rose brooch. Having indulged at a number of wineries, I’ve taken fashion inspiration from the quaint romantic notion of how a flock of roses are planted at the end of each vineyard row. With a historic implementation one story I learned explains the combination of roses and vibrant vines. The planting of a rose bush was meant for the ‘vision impaired’ horse that would plow through the vineyards allowing them to know they had reached the end of the row, and it was time to turn. Interesting enough, despite the story told, as there are many, the beauty still remains the same.

From my signature style, which plays off of both authentic glamour and feminine motifs, I’ve found a way to take such a causal pattern to glamorous heights with the addition of a bespoke corset, which I had assisted in designing for the launch of Corsettery’s ‘Old Hollywood Couture Collection’ earlier this year. Being one to stand out from the crowd, I absolutely admire any opportunity to garnish myself with an over-bust corset as day-wear elegance. This classic silhouette could easily take you from the vineyards to an afternoon of premier wine tasting then to a dinner for two.F1 7-11-2016LS1 7-11-2016F2 7-11-2016Details 1 7-11-2016F3 7-11-2016D2 7-11-2016BNW 7-11-2016F4 7-11-2016M2 7-11-2016
The “Elizabeth” Corset c/o Corsettery // 1950s Pink Celluloid Rose Brooch (similar sold on my Etsy Boutique, here) // Vintage Gingham A-Line Skirt (similar here) // Pearl Stud Earrings (similar here) // Black Leather Weaved Top Handled Purse, Etsy // DV by Dolce Vita “Jute” Pumps // Cosmetics c/o Belleci Beauty

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