A Glamorous Poolside Flute of Champagne

Full 1 7-25-2016How does one complete a summer afternoon poolside? That’s quite simple darlings: with a classic, black, retro, one-piece swimsuit by Red Dolly Swimwear and a flute of Francis Ford Coppola sparkling Blanc de Blancs champagne. With the hottest days of summer in full swing, what better way to enjoy such sizzling temperatures than poolside in my backyard oasis.

A private oasis, surrounded by a lush tropical design, frames a rock waterfall which serves as the yard’s focal point. A pebble sheen blue granite texture and color offers a natural beauty to the overall theme of the pool, providing a private retreat. After several poolside visits to a number of resorts, Rich illustrated his vision and in three months’ time, his bountiful vision turned into a reality gifting summer days like today with glamorous relaxation. 

While Rich takes a refreshing dip in the aqua prism of luxury, you will typically find me poolside sipping champagne, with a vintage-inspired parasol overhead. For such an afternoon, a swimsuit that combines both style and ease is needed; Red Dolly Swimwear’s one-piece halter with gathered bust exudes such loveliness. With every detail showcasing retro perfection, you’ll find it is fully lined, featuring a flattering sweetheart cut and modest overall coverage. This classic black one-piece swim suit is available in a number of colors and patterns, providing you the opportunity to collect them all for a glamorous afternoon such as this.Middle 1 7-21-2016Middle 2 7-25-2016Middle 3 7-21-2016Full 2 7-21-2016Back 1 7-25-2016Details 7-21-2016Face 1 7-25-2016Full 3 7-25-2016Face 2 7-25-2016Full 4 7-25-2016Waterfall 7-25-2016Face 3 7-25-2016One-Piece Halter Swim Suit c/o Red Dolly Swim // ‘Sofia’ Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Francis Ford Coppola (similar here & here) // Mikasa, Crystal Champagne Flue & Plate // Vintage Lace Scarf (similar here) // Aurora Borealis Vintage Earrings (similar here) // Floral Hair Piece c/o Vandalised with Love // Leisureland Handmade Victorian Lace Parasol Umbrella // Clarins UV Day Screen

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