Reflection of a Little Girl’s Dream

Full 1 8-1-2016In 1987, a little girl sat at a gunmetal ROYAL typewriter, ignited by a whimsical imagination. She had the tightest fire engine red curls that would fall to her forehead while her fingers typed so hastily; who would have ever guessed these moments would manifest her future? Each letter turned into a word, with each word turning into a sentence, and each sentence manifested a life bigger than she ever imagined – that little girl was me.

Ordinarily a child will hold onto a dream until they reach their pre-teen years or until they’re discouraged by disappointment. For myself, I always held an image in my mind of luxury rather than lack. From the age of 8, I never let that dream go, as it continued to build with each passing year, only growing to an intensely that I knew I had to seek out its possibility. Going through the motions in life, particularly during my twenties, I knew subconsciously there was something more to life than the results I was receiving. Inspired to utilize my minding grammarian persona in the written form, I kept searching for that specific existence. Many of the occurrences that took place in my twenties led me to write a coming-of-age book, which is currently sold worldwide.

After countless failures throughout the early stages of my life, I kept moving forward knowing that someone somewhere would see my talent and appreciate its exquisiteness. My grandfather and ultimate mentor, the man who molded me to the individual I am today, had an influential approach to raise my level of awareness. From mastering my craft, setting both short-term and long-term goals, not to mention the practice of self-preservation through caring for myself, I’ve been able to discover the enriched possibilities of true success. As a little girl viewing my grandfather’s accomplishments, which included a number of nationwide publications, a KQED television interview, and a featured historical documentary on his life as a Fork-Art Artist and shipwright of the Oakland Estuary of San Francisco Bay, you could only imagine how his presence captured me, making it that much easier to follow in his footsteps as the writer he knew I was.

When I write, I feel as if I am a professional pianist, creating a symphony of notes that are pure elegance, as I am the composer of my own personal orchestra. Today, I can humbly say that I am an independent contributor to ten (and counting) publications, writing on a large variety of topics ranging from luxury, wine, style, startup, music, and industry leaders. Some of these interviews include: Project Runway designer, Jake Wall;Kaersten Cooper of MARGE Clothing; New York’s Top 10 American Vogue Designers, Badgley & Mischka;First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Stylist, Maria Pinto; Elle Nicole of NYMMG Agency; and New York Times best-selling author of The Gratitude Dairies, Janice Kaplan. I find each interview to have added to my growing success, as they all have a story to tell, a lesson to be learned, and more importantly, their personal mission that brings special value to a number of lives.

With a mindset that consists of pure faith through visualization, along with a desire to touch the lives of others, each day is seen as a blessing to inspire and bring hope. If it comes in the form of a smile from the vintage garments I garnish myself in or the words I type so enthusiastically, I find my ‘why’ in life is to be Rich in Love.   Full 2 8-1-2016Details 8-1-2016Pond 8-1-2016BNW 8-1-2016Ring 8-1-2016Full 3 8-1-2016Heels 8-1-2016LS 8-1-2016Trees 8-1-2016Full 4 8-1-2016
The ‘Teddy’ Corset & Skirt c/o The Old Hollywood Collection by Corsettery // Gold-Tone Pearl Centered Brooch, Etsy // Cultured Freshwater Pearl Diamond Ring, Bracelet & Earring, Theresa Fisher // Straw Floppy Hat, Hope Burdette (similar here, here & here) // Brian Atwood Heels  

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