A Classic Victorian Morning Stroll

M1 8-8-2016This lovely Victorian home was built in 1893 and is today’s backdrop. Having always admired the exuberance of hues used on these historical Victorian Styled homes, brings a sense of pride brought on by its charm and distinctive character. Standing upon its grand architecture, I felt immediately as if I had stepped back in time for a brief moment. The house boasts a whimsical white raised porch complete with original fretwork in a gingerbread style creating such a picture perfect setting for today’s summer-inspired attire.

Your style should never halt due to the hot weather and what better way to showcase glamour than with a cotton-blend asymmetrical ruche bodice dress by Bitter Root Vintage, accompanied by a larger-than-life sun hat from my friends at Carmel Hat Company. As a personal preference I love styling any garment with a vintage brooch, as many of the styles I model are available for purchase through my online Etsy Boutique. A summer style that is both glamorous and authentic wouldn’t be complete without these newly acquired sheer floral lace gloves. I must say, I absolutely adore the fact my red nails are seamlessly showcased bringing a feminine touch to such a delicate design for a summer morning stroll.Full 1 8-8-2016Hat 8-8-2016M 2 8-8-2016M1 BNW 8-8-2016Heels 8-8-2016M 3 8-8-2016Hat 2 8-8-2016Full 2 8-8-2016Brooch 8-8-2016House 8-8-2016Glove 8-8-2016M4 8-8-2016
Bodice Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage //  Carmel Hat Company, Large Brimmed-Sun Hat // Floral Hair Piece c/o Vandalised with Love // Sarahon Vintage Brooch, Etsy // Short Floral Lace Gloves, B & B Consignment & Boutique // BCBG Lace Pointed-Toe Pump, On Sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call

4 Comments on “A Classic Victorian Morning Stroll

  1. The details on this outfit are truly beautiful! I love your hat and of course, the beautiful home that you shot at. Such a treasure!


  2. Perfectly fabulous outfit. I wish I could find gloves like this but any vintage gloves I come across are much too small for my hands.

    • Hi Sweetheart xx The best place to find vintage gloves that fit are at Estate Sales. Keep searching, you’ll find them!

      • I haven’t been lucky enough to find local estate sales I could go to. I can’t wait to start doing that…

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