Living Life up Here in MARGE

full-1-9-26-2016Most of us inherit traits and mannerisms from our families such as the color of our eyes and the way we perform daily rituals, however fashion designer and founder of MARGE Clothing, Kaersten Cooper inherited profound height and her grandmother, Marjorie Boldt nostalgic talent. Being inspired by her grandmother, a fashion illustrator from the 1930’s and 40’s Kaersten grew up absorbing her qualities and combining these profound talents with her own, leading to her development in later years with a successful luxury clothing line.

After graduating with design, marketing and business studies from UC Davis, Kaersten spent the next two years honing her craft as a designer before building a one-a-kind fashion brand that has gained international acclaim from British Vogue, The Cut, Huffpost Style and Harper Bazaar magazine. She often shares not only through exclusive profiles and brand interviews on her grandmother being the foremost influence for her design process; her garments share a similar story.

“She was the ultimate female role model for me and always encouraged me to embrace my differences such as height. She told me it was a gift, a blessing and told me that clothes can fit you in a way that won’t fit other women. I look fondly at her teachings. She not only inspired the brand, she inspired me to embrace my elevated perspective every day.” – Kaersten Cooper, MARGE Clothing.

There is something empowering about Marge Clothing and her Ivory Crepe Pleated Naja Skirt, perhaps it’s the fact that there is no other brand which solely carters luxury wear for the tall woman. As a tall woman myself, I believe that MARGE is the answer for well-curated pieces that will not only expand ones wardrobe also enhancing a classic, yet feminine aesthetic. Find Life Up Here with MARGE and begin to elevate your perspective on timeless staples which complements your lifestyle.full-2-9-26-2016ls-1-9-26-2016full-3-9-26-2016creek-9-26-2016full-4-9-26-2016detail-9-26-2016m-1-9-26-2016full-5-9-26-2016creek-2-9-26-2016full-6-9-26-2016
Bobeau Long Sleeve Contrast Bow Blouse, (on sale in-store at Nordstrom) // Naja Ivory Crepe Pleated skirt c/o MARGE Clothing // Vintage Millinery & Authentic 1950s  Leather Clutch // Ivanka Trump, Camara Jeweled Pointed Pumps (similar here & here)

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