full-1-10-10-2016From time-to-time I choose a timeless brooch to garnish an elegant garment, not only on Rich in Love Fashion, but also in day-to-day life as well. Call me an ‘Old Soul’, if you will. I find jewelry from the 1940s will always be seen more refined than today’s mass produced pieces. Yes, of course one day what I call ‘mass produced’ will to become dated and collect stories of its quaint journey, however they will always lack a rarity of uniqueness.

For this quintessential reason alone I’ve decided to open an online vintage boutique that would house an array of the finest glitz and sparkle dating from the timeless era of the 1940s thru 1960s. Many of these pieces have either been photographed for Rich in Love Fashion, modeled in a worldwide publication or are simply seen as priceless and historic in their nature and scope. Nonetheless, these vintage adornments are still evolving and are all indications that the art of dressing does still exist, being brought forth into today’s current era.

I hope that women of all ages, ethnicities and financial circumstances will take note to embrace a touch of glamour in one form or another. No situation is too great to hinder such a thought. As I mentioned in “Embrace the Unbinding Courage within the Journey” I share how: a setback is a setup for the glamour in life. If I must be diagnosed with such a life fluctuating condition without a cure, I find no better way to live life itself than with a fearless approach in glamour. In tomorrow’s radio segment with Diabetes Late Nite, I’ll be sharing my mind-set of GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS as well as Megan Trainor headlining the show with her thoughts on body image & diabetes.

For those seeking a way to support diabetes in style, please explore my Rich in Love Boutique on Etsy. A portion of each purchase will be donated directly to Beyond Type 1, a highly recognized community investing in a better life for those living with diabetes.
Lindy Bop Twill Sheath (similar here & here)
Glitter Paisley Print Vintage Jacket (similar here & here )
Gold Leaf Earrings & Brooch, similar styles sold on Etsy
Authentic Navy Blue Vintage Handbag & Coach‘Teddi’ Pumps

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