middle-1-10-24-2016Glamour never takes a day off, especially when I garnish my fancy feet with the lux fluff of a bespoke mule by fOO fOO Slippers. On a typical Monday morning I greet the day with gratitude as I embrace the moment in a vintage rayon satin bust line slip. After I’ve poured a lovely cup of tea in my grandmother’s personalized gold vintage monogrammed tea cup, I head outside to grab the morning newspaper in the quaint neighborhood which I currently reside.

Feeling the most glamorous in the neighborhood is (of course) due to Rob and Will, the artisan founders of the UK luxury brand, fOO fOO Slippers. Stepping comfortably outside into the cool air and morose skies, I pick up the headlines for the day taking in the calmness of the morning. As a result of being an authentic lady of glamour, I find fOO fOO Slippers to exude a sense of impeccable craftsmanship that is bespoke, yet novel. I was drawn to their marketing campaign which carried such originality, setting their premier brand apart from the others. With a classic scooped wedge heel, soft velvet base and a flirty fluff banded strap, who wouldn’t consider wearing such glamour outside the house?

From an early morning cameo in the neighborhood, I start my day surrounded by timeless memories in front of my 1930’s make-up vanity. Sitting before its solid walnut craftsmanship and large wooden framed mirror, the memory as a child comes to mind.  I would sit before my grandmother’s at the age of eight attempting to apply her red Revlon lipstick only to find it askew. Fond memories such as this are how I prepare for the day ahead. I find no better way than to add the luxury of fOO fOO Slippers into that existence.
art-1Add a little fOO fOO into your life this season with VRAI Magazine’s Holiday gift guide on November 1st. Shop a well-curated collection of bespoke designs this season for everyone on your list, while gifting yourself a little well-deserved glamour too.
Black Mule with Black Sheepskin Upper c/o fOO fOO Slippers
Vintage WonderMaid Black Nylon Dress Slip Lace Bust  (similar here, here & here)
Morgan Taylor, Gold Rose Satin Robe
Vintage Pearl Earrings (shop my Etsy boutique for similar styles)
Bev Pearl Necklace c/o Coco & Duckie
Personalized “D” Monogram Tea Cup (similar here)
Illustration Created by Fashion Illustrator, Antonio Vilches Serrafull-1-10-24-2016cup-1-10-24-2016ls-1-10-24-2016back-1-1-24-2016rose-1-10-24-2016slippers-10-24-2016ls-2-10-24-2016house-10-24-2016tea-10-24-2016full-2-10-24-2016pearl-10-24-2016middle-2-10-24-2016



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