m1-10-31-2016Black cats, divine witches, and howling spirits of Hallows Eve, is celebrated tonight through a gripping scene of mysterious flight. For those who embrace a dark aura will find themselves heavily immersed within a full collection of cinematic masterpieces shaped by Alfred Hitchcock haunting frame of mind. With an absolute state of self-satisfaction that succumbs to the grander beauty of another, an entrapment is found within. Have you ever wondered why a particular object of beauty is kept caged and another experiences great freedom?

Just like the darkness many see in a crow he is left to fly abundantly as he wishes, whereas an object of beauty such as a peacock (for example) remains caged and left to its own sorrow. A vicious cycle as it can be redefined by taking off your mask and unnecessarily equating yourself to others. Just like a crow, you must be satisfied with the position in which it’s placed by perception. The question you should ask is, are you the crow or the peacock?

Redefining an ode to the darkness from within our core, All Hallow’s Eve is tempted with subtle hints of emerald rhinestones, a femme fatal black gown, adjoined with a crown of iridescent green feathers. There is something grand almost rousing while surrounding oneself among the columns of cupressus sempervirens in a field that is awaken by the fall of night and a crow’s flight. You might even find it – beyond glamorous.
Ann Taylor Gown (as seen in Stalletto Magazine, similar here & here)
1950s Emerald Green Feather Covered Headband Hat
Vintage Emerald Rhinestone Earrings & Black Opera Gloves



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