full-1-12-12-2016At first glance, magazines may seem innocuous enough, as many will view them as an afterthought purchase or guilty pleasure from everyday life. However, I find these glossy pages to have a massive impact on society, far more than you may think.

Most avid readers of magazines may not be aware of the impact the publication they’re currently indulging in is creating from a purchasing steadfast. With the documentation of style, these media platforms are seen as a pervasive medium with 90% of Americans engaging in an average of ten publications monthly. You may wonder why or how I fit into all of this, well, it all started presumably at the age of eight. As a child I was raised in a household that engaged around a coffee table consisting of a worldly selection of publications from: National Geographic, Vogue, Good Housekeeping and even Popular Mechanics.

From the flipping of one page to next, taking in each written article or viewing an elaborate advertisement, I instantly became enthralled with the fictional scenario that visually was being exhibited before me. Where else are you provided a media platform that is not only visually appealing, explanatory and influential? Many believe that television holds this steadfast, unfortunately this is a myth. Studies have proven that in 30 minutes’ time, you take in six times more the amount of advertising impact with a magazine. The question is, why wouldn’t you invest your business in such a manner?

Now as an adult, I’ve found my growing fascination within the publication industry has matured into the sales solution of many start-up brands, aspiring designers and retailers. We’re clearly in an age where bought fame has become a common place among a number of media platforms; I always explain to my clients that your true potential for a high ROI is through product placement within a publication as these readers are factual.

 Ones character is the greatest entrepreneurial success story of all. My success comes with each story written, each pose captured, and each client featured in a publication.

Many thanks to Stalletto Magazine for featuring my image on the cover of their Red Lookbook (releasing December 15th) wearing Belleci Cosmetics, Heels and Toes Inc., Fox Glove Furs & Vandalised with Love, not to mention, the editorial direction of Ava Rayke, Editor and Publisher. I truly appreciate the following brands for entering Stalletto’s Advertise & Win Contest, Heels & Toes Inc., Donna Millinery, Lady Sharma, Judy Bentinck Millinery & and the winner Beau Satchelle.
Muxxn Asymmetric Sheath c/o Bitter Root Vintage
Vintage Brooch & Accessories (similar on Etsy)
Fiore Glam Satin Top Hosiery c/o Heels & Toes Inc.
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Ivanka Trump ‘Janie’ Black Suede High Heels


5 Comments on “A Grey Medium of Truth

  1. Looking gorgeous and stunning as always! You bring grey to life Doris!

  2. Well written and absolutely beautiful post.
    You are very welcome my dear. You play a huge role in making possible, the education and beauty that assist in creating magic for our print, digital and online fashion magazine. Stalletto adores you!

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