m-12-26-2016With the ending of 2016 and the anticipation of what 2017 will bring, I find no better time to garnish myself in a head-to-toe authentic ensemble which honors a number of glamorous women who over the passing years have all inspired me in one way or another. You may have noticed from time-to-time I will subtly place the name of a woman who was the previous owner of a garment, accessory or millinery design I model. Some may call it reminiscing of a bygone era; I like to call it honoring an essence of true beauty.

I am often asked what authenticity means to me, I suppose the only word that generalization such a question is ‘Value’. A value that relates to the similar ones influenced since the late 1940s. From the era’s generation to dress with class and sophistication, accepting their natural attributes, and the act of self-respect without exposing ones selves; I’ve found all of these authentic morals grander than any other period in time.

Through today’s ensemble, I honor a number of women which all own authentic charm, beauty, and passion starting with my namesake and grandmother Doris Alexander, proudly displaying her black rhinestone earrings. She was a woman who displayed a wholesome quality while teaching me how to love. She was a mother and wife that possessed a generous heart and sacrificed so much to simply give to others in need. I always found the memory of her Revlon red kisses to bring me such an abundance of warmth and joy and love.

From a woman I celebrated for many years to a number of others I’ve never met physically only through this moment, I embrace a prettified experience within their authentic pieces. Conservatively, in the sleekest black satin suit paired with a glamorous black rhinestone earring in addition to a bespoke Parisian-inspired millinery design it brilliantly compliments an authentic ending to 2016.
Vintage Cocktail Satin Suit c/o Two Sisters Vintage
NFHat Jeweled Fascinator
Vintage Rhinestone Earrings & Leather Gloves (similar sold on Etsy)
Onyx Diamond Accent Ring (similar here & here)
DIY Faux Fur Hand Muff  (view video here)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Trasparenze Pennac Back-Seam Hosiery c/o Heels & Toes Inc. 
Kate Spade Patent Heelsf1-12-26-2016nylon-1-12-26-2016f2-12-26-2016ls-1-12-26-2016bk-12-26-2016

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