full-1-1-09-2017In life we are provided the ability to connect, create and teach – sadly enough many of us aren’t partaking in these liberal actions – the question is why not? Perhaps it’s the reason I admire the marketing industry, finding it the one platform where you can provide a service and immediately form a relationship that brings elucidation. The goal of any centric marketing consultant is to create change while embedding a profitable action plan with the key elements of affinity, loyalty, and integrity.

There are two mind-sets in the world today: employee or entrepreneur based. You may not realize the way one thinks about their work is quite crucial. My true success in life came when I solely took value in my thoughts and began to identifying those of a higher frequency, doing what many individuals shun. At that moment, I broke free of conformity and fear. We, as a society, have a tendency of suppressing our fears, as mastering those can be difficult and takes large amounts of will and courage to look in the mirror and say, “I will succeed; I can do this!” The relationship between one’s journey of self-growth and courage tends to evoke feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, but allowing such emotions to take center stage is moral injustice. At birth each and every one of us is embedded with a purpose or talent which provides us the blueprints of our life’s story, which must be written and shared. From this realization I began to shift my mind to explore outside the box of life we all live.

As a female entrepreneur I desire to do more than what simply works in the moment, it’s about the connection and again the relationship towards reasonable business risks. Having possessing a type A personality I find it rather hard to not see growth in any situation. If my grandfather was still here he’d be the first to share how stubborn I am in the sense that I always found a way when others saw none. Whether we’ve had the privilege of traversing business or conducting a boundless conversation, you may have found the reward to be a poignant connection.

Connections become especially important if we think about conversation as a journey. When a conversation goes into an unanticipated plateau of providing inspiration or fruitful marketing strategies, I find a corresponded success arises. It’s quite glamorous to accept and openly receive the authentic best another individual can provide, I call this, the luxury of change.
“Loretta” Bridal Dress c/o Lady V London
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