full-1-23-2016By forgoing trends in favor of classic patterns with distinctive details, we then draw attention to an era that has molded the path for beauty and stance.

Luxe textures, delicate fabrics and lady-like accouterments offer a feminine twist on traditional menswear suiting. Displaying a tailored dusty pink high-waisted trouser with a belted wool tie-strap, a silk mock-neck blouse is added to create a balance of flow and femininity. Maintaining a traditional shape of menswear a J. Lerbert BIS Paris Wool Blazer is shoulder robed displaying a combination of strength and confidence.

This sense of confidence I speak of can easily be felt through a dated garment, a vibrational shift or the courageous movement to seek change. I recently had the privilege of filming a mini documentary for Healtheo360 Interview Series, where I shared my failures and triumphs since being diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic.

After two years of revision, conversation, an increasing mental strength, I’ve come to realize confidence is solely seen as your purpose. Perhaps a better phrase such as, no more, no less would be your authentic self. I’ve found in your darkest times when you embrace your fears, fixations, and coincidences, suddenly these qualities become your resources to embrace your unbinding courage within the journey. Through this interview you will find I share the fight inside to never stop as I battle against the racing clock of an illness that has involuntary required me to become insulin dependent.

I invite you to learn more regarding my comprehensive journey as a type 1 diabetic and how I’ve taken back control. View my in-depth spotlight interview with David S. DuPlay, Founder & CEO of Healtheo360 debuting Tuesday, February 24th at 1 pm EST.
J. Lerbert BIS Paris Wool Blazer,
Silk Blouse & Dusty Rose High-Waisted Trousers
Vintage Accessories (as seen on my Etsy)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Coach‘Teddi’ Pumps

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