full-2-12-2017Before there was love in my life, there were vintage adornments – a glamorous remembrance to a timeless era.  In the years before, I’d often ponder the thought of what makes love so special?

I suppose until you meet that one soul you may never know. For me, it came unexpected with the development of Rich in Love.  It took many years to fathom the notion of such a thought or romanticizing the urge for love. Buried in the ridiculous conviction of what our society calls love, I kept a movie reel of imagination to play out my greatest fantasies.

An unforeseen love story that has become my soul purpose in life began when I took a risk on love and dare to play at its hand. I met a man that would in later years be my greatest connection to achieving my life’s ultimate goals. As a result, our union is now seen though Rich in Love.

Four years ago, while in search of a tailored gift I purchased a handcrafted black leather money clip.  I requested a metal message card be engraved with the phrase “Rich in Love” translated in Spanish “rico en amor”.  Presenting the gesture of my love, I remember vividly his eyes casting upon the engraved translation to only hear his Spanish heritage recite the phrase so poetically. I reached for his hand and quickly explained, “If this money clip doesn’t have any money in it, I want you to remember, you will always be Rich in love – my love”.

I find it rousing how life can take you to a number of unexpected places, while love will bring you to your soul purpose.
1950’s Velvet Wrap Dress (similar here & here)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Secrets in Lace, Dita Von Teese Stockings c/o Heels & Toes Inc.
Kate Spade Patent High Heels

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