Full 1 4-9editedLuxury designed millinery might be the only fashion accessory that provides an elegance that no other can exude. With a fondness for vintage style and tradition, I find the couture millinery by Melanie J Designs to embody techniques passed down from those of tailored dearest.

Millinery is the one accessory that can easily set you apart, demonstrating the presence of femininity with each piece being just as appealing as the next. For such a bespoke design I played with connecting-the-dots in a polka-dot patterned peplum wiggle dress which in return complemented Melanie’s bespoke ornate millinery design. Choosing a classic yet feminine silhouette, I found it to catch the eye of many as I can only imagine who might pause during New York Fashion Week this September as I’ve chosen to garnish my crown for such a high-end fashion affair.

From a hand-crafted wired edge, finished in sinamay anchored by a crochet center with dyed and trimmed pheasant feathers accented by a stiffen bow displaying the overall vision of glamour. Cascading upward, a number of pom poms catch the sparkle of sunlight and connects the dots to such an elegant piece of millinery.

As a child Melanie would watch her Nana design and create works of art through the traditional techniques of millinery. Observing this sense of pride and craftsmanship has now transpired into each piece Melanie creates for her private label. In life, we don’t know how the dots of our past will play out, however for Melanie she has been gifted with the keen eye to capture the beauty in each person she encounters.
Ornate Opulence’ Millinery c/o Melanie J Designs
Stop Staring ‘Faith’ Peplum Dress (similar here)
Regina ‘Classic’  Bespoke Handbag c/o Beau Satchelle
Vintage Accessories (similar styles sold on Etsy)
Marble Lip Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics

Full 2 4-9editedDetails 4-9editedFull 3 4-9editedFeatured 4-9Full 4 4-9M1 4-9editedFull 5 4-9edited

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