M1 5-14-2017Mother’s Day and afternoon tea is a picture-perfect way to spend some time with your mom.  After all, isn’t that what many mothers say they want: quality time with their children?

For many mothers, a lovely cup of tea has been very much a ritual of their daily lifestyle. Growing up my mother would delightfully appreciate, a cup or two for all occasions. Tea drinking today, has become such a rarefied experience in line with craft wine sampling and artisanal chocolate nibbling. In my mother’s world there was only one kind of tea that mattered: Red Rose. Now there’s rooibos, pu’erh, guayus, and countless other unique varieties you can purchase.

Teas such as these were the main focus for the Napa Valley’s Brannan Cottage Inn: Artist Reception & Tea Party. For many this was an opportunity to dress up, admire each other’s hats, while capturing nostalgic stories over the antique rose porcelain tea cups and matching fine china. During my visit the delicacy of fine tea demanded me to savor the moment while underneath the Inn’s 300 year old Siberian Elm tree. With Eden Umble, Marketing & Hospitality Director at Brannan Cottage Inn and Kathleen Bakula, Owner & Hostess of Mobili-Tea a by-appointment tea service, I came to find there is a distinct art to “having tea”.

The menu for the afternoon included a tea party standard: double-decker tea sandwiches, assembled with two different colors of bread filled with egg salad and salmon. There were assorted bite-size sweets that included delectable baked ginger snaps, blueberry scones and fresh fruits. The tables were lined with vintage linens and three-tiered cake trays and garden picked roses in which all created an intimate, elegant tea party experience.

This gorgeous pink rose off-the-shoulder ruffle floor-length maxi is yet another stunning style from Retro Riviera’s new Spring/Summer collection, and perhaps my favorite.  Inspired by such a prestigious Napa Valley event, this dreamy dress evokes that most femininity of yesteryear. Surrounded by history, the childhood memories of my mother, and blooming friendships, I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon than this at the Brannan Cottage Inn.

Please visit my Facebook page, here to explore a collection of images by rf_fisher_photography featuring artists: Elizabeth Stokkebye, Matt Sarconi, and Karen Lynn Ingalls.
Tea Cup 1 5-14-2017Sign 5-14-2017LS 1 5-14-2017Lamp 5-14-2017BNW 5-4-2017Details 5-14-2017M2 5-14-2017Details1 5-14-2017Pink Rose Maxi Dress c/o Retro Riviera. Vintage Straw Hat w/Floral Hat Piece c/o Vandalised with Love. Pearl Chain-Linked Earrings available on Etsy. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick. Cole Haan ‘Amela’ Pumps. Hospitality provided by Brannan Cottage Inn

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