Full 1 6-5-2017Thoughts have been causing health related concerns for centuries; as the mind has more foundation then anyone would ever believe it has.

After studying my individual behavior traits through a number of both, sub-conscious and conscious actions I’ve discovered we don’t think enough. Have you ever thought the health problems in our bodies come from damaging emotions we conjure to feel?

From many years of studying a health mindset, I’ve come to the conclusion if we can alter the negative emotions and replace them with positive energy we can then release the energy to heal. What this does in return transforms your body into a health machine, as the body will do whatever it has been told to do – it is totally subjective.

For example, when I was preparing for today’s photo-shoot I continuously focused on my circumstance of a climbing glucose level of 342 mg/dl, also known as Ketoacidosis. This automatically expressed a number of feelings that conditioned my subconscious mind resulting in fatigue. You may ask why this happened, it’s quite simple. I was allowing it to control my mind and everyone has heard at least once in their life – If you want to change your life, you must change your mind. 

When this was occurring I kept succumbing to a defaulted behavior of old paradigms until I looked in the vanity mirror of my photographers vehicle and took a glance at my perfectly unskewed hair and at that moment I changed my mindset. I closed my eyes and told myself I was healthy and these perfectly set pin-curls wouldn’t go to waste. You see, the mind will do what it has been told as the body is an instrument for the mind. Less than an hour later, I was standing on-location for my T1D Exposed media campaign collaboration.

“When we change the way we think we change our lives. What most people do not understand is how powerful our thinking is and how involved it is in our health crisis.”
– Bob Proctor

Sadly, the quote or way of thinking of our mindset is often rejected by the unaware, un-educated and comfortable members of the masses. Despite your belief, we ultimately do control our feelings as seen above in my story where I was able to take control over my mind in a matter of minutes, took responsibility and completed my obligation. What I am attempting to convey is, nothing is truly out of your control.

To acquire behind-the-scene photographs from this past weekend’s T1D Exposed Nude Advocacy Project, all images will exclusively be posted on Instagram – learn more by following here.
Full 2 6-5-2017LS1 6-5-2017M1 6-5-2017LS2 6-5-2017BNW 6-5-2017building-1-23-2016Full3 6-5-2017Pretty Pencil Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage. Satin Pillbox Millinery (Justina Andrade) similar here & here. Vintage Brooch & Earring Set (similar styles on Etsy, here & here)
1950s White Mesh Gloves & Handbag (similar here, here & here). MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick. Cole Haan ‘Amela’ Pumps 

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