F1LS1F2Casual styling gives women the opportunity to be chic and relaxed at the same time. It allows us to not get caught up on over analyzing our appearances or taking too much time deciding what to wear for various occasions.

Many of my readers have inquired through personal messages – do you dress causal? And moreover, do you own jeans? To address the jean question first, I don’t own a single pair nor wear them as a casual piece of attire – it’s simply not a part of my casual style aesthetic.HeelsSo, what is my definition of casual wear…a crepe satin blend pleated skirt complimented by a polyester shell garnished with the touch of silk. For me it begins with the choice of fabrics then carries over to shape and silhouette. My schedule has been quite eventful due to an increasing number of image consulting appointments, written articles (here, here & here), media interviews with East Bay Times, Just Talking Diabetes Podcast and PR appointments for my newest client, Belleci Cosmetics.

If you’re looking for a deep pleated skirt, Neiman Marcus carries a large selection, such as this Button-Tab Midi Skirt by Derek Lam (on sale for $258).  A few others that instantaneously caught my eye were this one, and this one with a shorter hem line.M1DetailsF3MARGE ‘Naja’ Crepe Satin Blend Pleated Skirt. Kasper Shell (similar here). Vintage Floral Silk Scarf (similar here, here & here). Floral Rhinestone Earrings & Vintage Handbag, found on Etsy. Dolce Vita Woven Ankle Strap Pumps (similar here in suede). MAC Cosmetics, ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick. 

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