Many years ago, a typical afternoon spent in San Francisco quickly turned from time wasted to time invested. Surrounded by racks of clothes in a rather robust resale boutique; dozen of wool sheath dresses on quitted padded hangers made my eyes bright in awe while I marvel through the fashion history that fenced me.Full 1Having browsed each rack at least twice I found to my amazement a late 1950’s Mink Fur Shrug Stole lined with a satin blue flower brocade pattern. It’s feminine, yet glamorous presence signaled a change from within. Slowly slipping the mink shrug off the cream padded hanger I whiped it around my shoulders as if I was a picador bullfighter waving my muleta before wrapping it around my narrow shoulders.DetailsThe first question that ran through my mind as I stared at my reflection in the full length mirror was, how could I style this with my current wardrobe? Many of us typically don’t want to purchase additional pieces to complement a new one. However with a mink shrug of this caliber you will discover it is a classic piece that is easily functional for both casual and evening wear.

I have found over the years my style aesthetic models after my European attributes, where I’ve always desired to keep all my garments modern, with large amounts of vintage glamour. When pairing a dated piece such as a mink shrug a simple pencil dress of any color, would create a simple silhouette while allowing the shrug to create texture and structure to the overall ensemble. As you may notice below I could have belted the dress, however I felt it would’ve restricted the appearance of an elongated torso and been a bit distracting.  Less is more when it comes to styling fur; you always want to stay rooted to unpretentious brooches, earrings and necklaces depending on the neckline.M1Full 3Full BNWM 2Full 2Nettles & Ivy Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage. 1950’s Mink Shrug (similar here, here & here). Vintage brooch, Etsy. Gold Leaf Earring (similar here & here). Coach Teddi Pumps similar here. Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics.

5 Comments on “Time Wasted to Time Invested

  1. beautiful lady, beautiful outfit and the gloves and heels top everything. Bravo, Doris

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