In order to create a strong first impression in everyday life, it’s vital to understand how to complement your figure in a way that will flatter your attributes. The easiest way (in my opinion) is layering separates for a look that’s both classic and subtle-chic without looking over worked.

Full 3For example, layering can become monochromatic as some might utilize one color palette rather than experimenting with a bolder hues or textures; which in return could lead to a richer and more interesting arrangement. The key is, before you apply additional hues to your garment, you will want to add a darker color underneath and the statement color on top; by doing so you will create a sleek silhouette.

Perhaps the simplest guideline to remember when it comes to layering is to use simple haute pieces. These can come as a mixture of patterns, an unpretentious coat, and the right assortment of accessories will easily anchor such an ensemble. Using these basic guidelines will help you create a look that is pleasing to the eye and versatile year-round.

LSM2Full 2HeelsFull 1French Connection LBD (similar here & here). Purple Brooch Paisley Vocabulary Jacket. Fur Hat (similar here, here & here). Genuine Black Leather Glove (similar here & here). Charles David ‘Sadie’ Fur Pom Pumps. Make-up c/o Belleci Cosmetics

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