Carlo 1Carlo Vontee’ Augo gave us an exclusive glimpse of his sought-after designer showcase entitled, “Journey” during Sacramento Fashion Week last month at the downtown commons.

Carlo created his collection with an amplitude of sincere emotions from a willingness to risk his life while serving in Iraq. “I was surrounded in a place of anger, war, depression and struggle. Black represented that. Black represent the darkness of the war, the sadness of it all. White was my faith relying on God,” Carlo explains.

Having been placed in a war zone unaware of what could happen next from suicide bombs and incoming gas attacks one thing was certain, Carlo never stopped thinking of pursuing after his dreams. “I want to see my couture designs make history all over the world,” he states.

Covering Sacramento Fashion Week for Gladys Magazine a luxury award-winning publication, I had a bird-eyes view of the entire audience while Carlo’s designs walked the runway; the energy that I witness can not be explained in words.

Each year SACFW continues to grow while bringing together emerging designers within the community to take the runway showing their love for the industry. To learn more about Carlo Vontee’ Augo and the designs displayed below please visit: 2Carlo 3Carlo 4Carlo 5
Images c/o SAC Fashion Week

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