6-30 F1The word “beauty” holds more truth than one would think. It could easily express inner beauty, beauty of one or physical attributes that represent a form of physical beauty. Nonetheless, what you may not realize is beauty evokes feelings of admiration and awe.

It can also appear to be an aristocrat reflection as Plato perceived its rich form as, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” as these words are clear and true concerning every human being. One is attractive to some while others see nothing of beauty. The inner and outer beauty plays an important role in people’s life as the others help to fulfill their desires. However, there are common characteristics which most people consider when determining beauty. Inner beauty is related to a person’s personal traits while outer beauty outlines the features of confidence.

Beauty for me is having the courage to face the unpracticable moments in life with elegance and effortless grace while being myself and who doesn’t love that?
6-30 M1Landscape6-30 F26-30 M2
6-30 DetailsRachel Roy Ruffled Scuba Cold-Shoulder Dress, Sold at Macy’s. ‘Miss Tatiana’ Vintage Lace Brim Hat c/o Murley & Co Millinery. Vintage-inspired Pearl Earrings (similar here, here & here). Kate Spade New York Licorice Pumps. Beauty c/o Cover FX (Sold at Sephora). MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Lipstick. Taylor Made Polish Nail Polish. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography. 

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