Vic 3The Victorian era was a time when femininity was in fashion. While the times have certainly changed, there are still plenty of incredible trends from the end of the 19th century that can be brought into the modern day for a stylish, vintage inspired look.

These Victorian style tips will bring your wardrobe to life and provide you with a classic look you’ll love to wear.

Luxurious Fabrics

Clothing during the Victorian era was impeccably made. Layers of luxurious fabrics combined to create opulent looks that were nothing short of gorgeous. To channel the unmatched look of the Victorian era, search for items made of fine materials. Satins and silks are timeless fabrics that drape beautifully and have a look that is always elegant. While clothing made from high quality fabrics are sometime more expensive, investing in statement pieces will make your entire wardrobe more desirable.

Beautiful Silhouettes

Silhouettes during the Victorian era were also exceptionally stunning. Dresses often were incredibly form fitting and enhanced the female figure in a way that was incredibly flattering. While corsets and other uncomfortable undergarments had a hand in creating exaggerated hourglass figures, there are still ways to channel this Victorian ideal into the present day. Find dresses with fitted bodices and fuller skirts to enhance your figure and create a gorgeous silhouette that shows off your curves.

A Focus on Modesty

Victorian style was incredibly modest and reflective of the culture during the time period. Women often were covered head to toe, and showing any amount of skin was a daring act. Times have certainly changed, but a focus on modesty is a refreshing idea that deserves a comeback. Conservative necklines and hemlines can sometimes be even more feminine than an outfit that shows everything outright. Find a long sleeve maxi dress for a fashion forward yet delightfully modest look.

Vic 2Exceptional Accessories

Accessories were one way that Victorian women could show off their individual sense of style. It’s for that reason that there is such beautiful jewelry and other fashionable accoutrements that came out of this time period. Victorian jewelry was often very ornate, which paired beautifully with opulent, detailed dresses for a layered look that was nothing short of exceptional. To bring this trend into the present day, don’t be afraid of over-accessorizing. Find authentically styled Victorian jewelry and create a decadent look that is simply stunning.

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