Paperless Post specializes in designing customizable online cards, invitations, and flyers that reflect your personal style — for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other meaningful events.PP1I’m always on a lookout for innovated ways to present upcoming events which in return easily translate into beautiful, effortless and efficient pieces of art. You can only imagine how delighted it was for me to test out Paperless Post a card store + a digital invitation service all under one media platform.

I tried it out by sending a personal thank you note, and then set up an invitation for a gathering. I found my experience to be enjoyable and user friendly for anyone from a novice to pro personalizing down to the last detail came with ease.

You might not be aware that Paperless Post is a free service with many complimentary designs, but to personalize with certain upgrades, it does require the purchase of coins. They do have several free designs and you can send a free card up to 2000 emails for free. pp_2.pngFor example, my card was free, but I personalized the background, the envelope liner, the envelope color and the font, also adding a little graphic. To send that one card with all those upgrades cost 5 coins. However, to test it out to its full extent, I did so on purpose, and might have went a bit far. I do think many of the free designs are plenty sufficient say if you sent 200 “save the dates“.

Over all Paperless Post’s website is easy to navigate, clean, beautiful and enjoyable to peruse. Free to join, free to send (without the upgrades & limited emails as mentioned above), and definitely free to set up gatherings. Show your friends your style easily! I highly recommend Paperless Post to anyone looking to send something special and I look forward to sending more cards and invites!

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