Typically, tweed is known as the ultimate autumn fabric which looks like it belongs in your great grandfather’s wardrobe. This unbeatable fabric is elegant, practical, exquisitely colored and greatly versatile, bringing an appearance of rugged chic to your style.

Tweed_1This fabric is not only comfortable, it subtly can be paired with arrange of contradictory patterns and fabrics as well. The question you might have is how you should wear such a masculine fabric choice. It’s quite simple, think outside of the box with a lady-like floral pattern and crisp summer tones such as ivory, white or cream.

The heavier patterns and fabrics should be carried on top with the lighter choices on bottom, it presents less invasive matter. I would also suggest pairing it with all feminine accessories that are simple yet larger in size, with today’s outfit pearls are used perfecting a sleek black leather clutch.Tweed_DetailsTweed_2Tweed_2_BWFrederic Harvey Wool Jacket. Banana Republic Floral Bow Blouse (Similar here). Faux Pearl Earrings  (similar here). Pearl Brooch (similar here). Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics, ASP ‘Reveal Everything Red’ Gel Polish. MAC ‘Chili‘ Matte Lipsticks. Photography by rf_fisher_photography.

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